How to Promote on Forums the Right Way

I recall the very first time I promoted on a forum, it wasn’t attractive. I had an affiliate link and then I created a forum account, I just submitted my link on all the discussion posts on that message board.

I do not think I actually reached the 20 posts, when I discovered that my account logged off. I tried to log back in, it shows, “Account barred.” This was my first experience with forum promotion. As you can tell , it wasn’t really productive one.

How to Promote on Forums the Right Way

My 2nd try wasn’t any better. I made use of domains to redirect my affiliate link. I believed I was getting clever since I was utilizing numerous domains. Well, that did not actually work because, I wasn’t posting anything at all besides the redirect domain. Once again, my accounts got banned.

How I Achieved Forum Marketing Success

I became so depressed with my results, after spending the good part of a day submitting links, I had absolutely nothing to show for my hard work. That is when it dawned on me, that I should take it easy. I need to open a real account.

So I opened a forum account that had a photo. I put some biographic information. I appeared like a normal, rank and file account on that forum.

Next, I stated participating in the discussions. I will answer people’s questions, I would raise issues, I and give research by posting links of reliable and trustworthy websites, that answers the inquiries of people with concerns.

Before you know it, people were supplying my account a thumbs up. I got appreciation for my contribution to the forum. It looked the more third party content I contribute, the more trust I got.

This third party articles is not casual content I pulled off the internet. I searched for the best content I could find. This articles gets lots of retweets from Twitter, along with likes from Facebook. There is a huge amount of social proof for these pieces of content.

The more of these I contributed, the more trust I got. It dawned on me that I need to only share tried and tested content, because when they succeeded on Facebook, there is a good chance they will succeed on forums as well.

After I’ve picked up a lot of trustworthiness on the forums, that I was posting on, I  start sharing unique content that I’ve generated for my affiliate sites. Once you read this content, they really answer questions.

They truly provide value to the lives of their readers. You have links to affiliate products, they have got picture ads surrounding them, however the content by itself provides solid value.

I then submit this contents’ links every now and then. Quite often, I will post third party links. After several weeks I was making quite a bit of money from my forum posts.

The Best Part?

The most exciting part to all this, is the fact my forum posts do not get taken out down. Even to this day, I still receive traffic from that content.

I reveal this story to you, because you might think that, the quickest way to make money using forums is to just dump a lot of links and get the hell out. Don’t do that.

Drive-by spamming is a one way ticket to receiving a ban. It is not worth the time and energy. Rather, become a reliable and trustworthy member of the community.

Whenever you share genuine content, you can be assured that your content will remain up, but will continue to draw clicks long after you have posted them. They are absolutely worth the effort.