Does it Make More Sense to Target Trendy Niches?

Lots of internet marketers are big on bandwagon marketing. Whenever a trend breaks out, everyone focuses on keywords and phrases associated with that trend, trying to make a quick buck.

It’s not hard to understand why lots of people find this appealing. After all, when a news item breaks and keyword phrases for that news item skyrockets, you receive quick traffic. You are actually piggybacking on ever evolving public tastes and trends.

The issue with trends is that they are like a sugar high. At the beginning, you receive a good inflow of traffic, thereafter once it crashes, it’s virtually gone for good.

If you would like proof of this, check out the search trends for the key phrase “fidget spinner.” It was all the rage a few years back, but these days it’s dead as a door nail.

This is how trends work. It’s sort of like surfing. You watch for the initial rise, then it continues getting bigger and bigger, after which it peaks really high, and out of the blue it just crashes. It’s similar to fallin off a cliff. You fall like a rock.

Taking into account the brief nature of trendy niche traffic, why is it that folks actually bother? Well, it simply comes down to the initial surge.

Because in the event you dominate keywords, for a trending subject on social media, along with search engines, you stand to get outstanding amount of traffic. This could result in lots of money, once you know how to convert this properly. It all comes down to having some kind of first mover advantage.

Would it Make Sense to Pursue After Trends?

I wish I can provide you with a black and white response to this question. Sadly, I can’t because everybody’s ability is different.

If you happen to be an experienced internet marketing veteran , targeting trendy niches could be worth it for you . The profit might be there .

Why? Well, to start with, you understand how to drive this kind of traffic. You know how you can do keyword research, you understand how to search on social media for platforms, already talking about a certain trend.

You may also know how to produce content that gets people involved in this trend. You may also know how to build ads that converts into prospective customers, for the affiliate products you are marketing or for your own products.

Lastly, if you really are an experienced internet marketer, you’ll know that affiliate marketing is profitable, but the big bucks is in your own products.

Now, this could take 2 forms. Either you could offer your own e-books, software or electronic resources. Otherwise, you can also get manufacturers in China or dropshippers in China, that permit branding and brand hot products to reflect the trend you are targeting.

It takes a great amount of skill along with luck to earn a lot of money on trendy niches.

The Most Significant Skill

If you feel that the skills I listed above are challenging enough, wait, there is more. Seriously. You need to concentrate on the strongest skill you need to develop, in the case of trendy niche marketing.

What skill is this? The skill to break out while it’s hot. That is the key.

You are establishing an empire based upon this trending niche. You know, inside in your bones, that it is not gonna last forever. Accordingly, you will bail out at the right time.

Again, focus on the browsing analogy I highlighted above. Just as a surfer first floats on top of the water and allows himself to be taken by the wave before standing up, after that he rides the wave to the peak point, it’s downhill from there, you need to understand how to surf consumer trends. You need to have an eye for the peak .

The secret is to promote when the hype is the hottest. This is when you would be able to dominate the highest dollar bill.

The worst thing you can do is ride the trend towards the end, because you would probably make a lot more cash selling what ever business you have built based on the hype.

And the most exciting part to all this, is that you won’t be hyping anything. The buyer would be hyped up since they got all excited about the trend. They really want to dominate the trend.

You market them a business right before the heat of the trend. This is the key. You need to sell a couple of months or a few steps off from the top of the trend. That is how you command the highest price.