7 Unknown Secrets to Travel for Free

Before you decide to book a trip, I’m certain the very IDEA makes your bank account scream.

It’ll be so costly after all…right?

It’s logical to think that way. The travel industry is a business. You’re not alone, If you second guessed, before you spend your money for an expensive trip,

Having said that, travel should not always have to be expensive, it can be FREE and I’ll give you 7 insider secrets to avoid the unnecessary travel expenses.

1. Hire car for FREE:

Car Rentals are costly to say the least.

I usually use Rentalcars.com to check prices and get the best deals. But if you’re a versatile with your travels, it is possible to hire a car for free. So, car hire companies move rental cars from state to state and relay on drivers that are prepared to make the drive. They get rewarded for not paying someone to do it and you get the reward of having a FREE rented car. So it’s a win-win.

This is known as relocation you can click here to check out cars.


2.Take a Cruise For (Almost) FREE:

Much like how Rental Cars needs to be transported, a few cruise ships do as well. However, when cruise ships do this, they are not free, but you can get some deals that come close to it.

This method of traveling is referred to as cruise re-positioning. You can get lower rates, but you have to be flexible on dates. Ensure that you use trusted websites when searching for cruise re- positioning.


3. FREE Housing Via House sitting:

House sitting is a fantastic way to live in a free residence any place in the world. Nearly all house sitting options need registration for a website and developing a positive profile.

It may take a while to find the house sitting website, that will work for you so do your research.


4.Rent an RV for FREE:

What about combining free travel and free housing into one and Rent an RV for FREE. This approach is quite similar to cars in the sense that RVs has to be transported as well, and in order to do this there has to be drivers ready for the task. Look for this by searching RV relocation.


5. FREE Housing via pet sitting:

Do you happen to be a pet person, but can’t take your pets on you travels? Good you’re not a lone. Other’s who travel without their pets, will be paying for someone to stay in their home and take care of their furry loved ones. Take advantage of this opportunity, but turn it into a travel experience. Have a look at some pet sitting opportunities here.


6. Credit Card points:

Make use of credit card award points, just like those offered with chase sapphire. They give 50 ,000 point after spending $4 ,000 in the very first few months.

You can get around this by using your credit care on expenses, for family and friends and getting him/her pay you back directly. Reach the credit limit quicker and get the points asap.


7. Volunteer:

Everybody has a different reason for traveling. If volunteering is a major reason for you to travel, there are several awesome opportunities to see the world by volunteering which includes NGO and Peace core among others.

Want to travel the world and save money in the process? Get my free guide Travel More – Pay Less and travel to your dream locations while not spending your life savings! I hope to meet you somewhere around the world!

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